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  • Achieves up to a
    MERV 9 (per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007)
  • Moisture resistant
    100% WOOL media
  • Longer service life means lower operating costs
Air Conditioning Filters
  • Available in either standard capacity or high capacity
  • A wide range of sizes in 1", 2" and 4" thicknesses
  • Maximum recommended continuous operating temperature of 150OF
  • UL900 Class 2


The NaturalSorb Pleated Air Filter incorporates 100% New Zealand Wool media with an ASHRAE 52.2 average atmospheric efficiency of 40% to 50%, and an average arrestance exceeding 90% by weight. The 1" and 2" filters handle velocities up to 500 fpm - the 4" filters up to 625 fpm.

The wool media is bonded to a metal grid on the air-exiting side, preventing fluttering, and maintaining uniformity of the pleats. The wool filter pack is enclosed in a heavy- duty, moisture resistant, die-cut frame that will not warp, crack or distort under normal operating conditions.

Front and back media retainers are an integral part of the filter frame. The wool media pack is bonded to every part of the frame, preventing any possibility of air by-pass.


It is possible for a flat filter to face load, thus restricting airflow and placing unnecessary strain on equipment.
The NaturalSorb filters accumulate the heavier; more restrictive particles at the bottom of the pleats, leaving the sides open longer for effective filtration. In general, deeper pleats result in longer life and more time between change outs.   

Rigid construction, with consistent media extends the service life.

Removes allergens, VOC’s and Formaldehyde at the highest ratings of any pleated filter.

Achieves MERV 9 for high capacity and MERV 8 for std. capacity (per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007)

Low initial pressure drop and consistent efficiency results.

*Recommended Final Resistance. System design may dictate a lower change-out point. (Filters tested to 1.5")

Design and Construction

Fractional Efficency Chart

Mean Particle Diameter (microns)
Fractional Efficiency for a Clean 24x24x2 High-Capacity
Pleated Air Filter at 500 fpm (per 52.2-2007)

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)
A numerical system for comparing filters based on minimum particle size efficiency. A MERV of 1 is least efficient; a 16 is the most efficient. (See ASHRAE 52.2-2007)

High capacity achieves MERV 9, standard capacity achieves MERV 8.

**Special Sizes available upon request.